Getting into

Prospective students pick the country of their choice, and Overseas Bridge Academy gives them options of universities they would love to attend for their degree program. Once the choice of the University is made, Overseas Bridge Academy proceed to work with the prospective student to actualize their desire of securing an admission to the University.

Tuition & Cost of Living

The cost involved in studying overseas can be broadly divided into two namely, the tuition cost and the living costs. How much should a prospective student budget to study overseas depends on the Institution chosen and the living standard in the host country. Tuition fees vary by department and countries, living expenses can also vary depending on the country of study and the type of accommodation. We urge you to speak with one of our Intake cum Academic Advisors on the possible tuition and living cost for the institution and country of your choice.

Get to know
Scholarship Based Universities

Overseas Bridge Academy assist candidates get a suitable scholarship based university to prospective students regardless of the degree program abroad. Our Intake Advisors are equipped with adequate experience to work you through the scholarship process

The Steps of
Step 01

Select the desirable university and course for you; give us your first choice, and 2-3 other options. We have a wide offer of the universities from our partners. Actually, you can choose from them.

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Step 02

In it you fill in what course you would like to study, in which university, and some general information about yourself.

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Step 03

To start, you need to have an international passport valid not less than six months after the visa expiry. For Bachelor’s degree – WAEC or NECO. For master’s degree – bachelor’s degree certificate and for PhD- Bachelor’s and Master’s degree certificate.

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Step 04

Overseas Bridge Academy attentively study your documents, check university requirements, and prepare compulsory forms for filling out

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Step 05

Overseas Bridge Academy prepare and carry out all the legalization of documents required by law, their translation and certification (for candidates traveling to a Non-English speaking Country)

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Step 06

Once acceptance fee and part of the tuition has been paid to the university, prospective students wait for few weeks for invitation letter and admission letter after the university has confirmed all necessary documents.

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Step 07

We develop a request to the university to receive an Invitation letter, organize its sending and receiving.

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Step 08

We arrange, assist in the filling, we examine the package of documents for submission to the embassy, and conduct a test interview. We book flights, set up a departure, we also meet at the airport, and we send you representatives from the desired University to follow you up till you are settled.

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Step 09

The student is registered in the course and begins to study.

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