Facts about Greenwich

Greenwich is famous for its role in the development of the maritime industry and for being the place where the Greenwich Meridian (0 degrees longitude) and Greenwich Mean Time got their names. From the 15th century onward, the town served as the location of a […]

CDC on the issue of Monkey Pox

CDC issues monkey pox caution prompting travelers to implement upgraded precautions. A ”Level 2” travel health notice was issued by the CDC noting that monkey pox cases had been detailed in Europe, North America and Australia. The CDC exhorts travelers to wash their hands regularly with cleanser and water or utilize hand sanitizer, and refrain from putting their hands on […]

Educational System in the U.S

The U.S higher education system has a number of appealing characteristics and one of the most alluring one is the flexibility provided by the number and type of institutions it embraces. This diversity provides students with the opportunity to specialize in different disciplines and pursue […]